pa weddings


This wintry mix and bone chilling cold has us yearning for spring weather today... hang on friends, spring IS coming...

We find that once Valentine's day passes for us at the design studio, time seems to switch into fast motion and once the spring days are upon us we are REALLY busy. That doesn't always leave us with much time to "stop and smell the roses." This year we are feeling super eager for spring as we are all moved in to our new space within 'The Yellow Door' and we have new opportunities for our design space... new OUTDOOR opportunities. Our design studio backs up to a large garage door. That means- OPEN AIR DESIGNING! YES! And for the cherry on the top of that awesome cake- our big 'ol work table is on wheels. We are so ready to roll that bad boy outside and feel the sun on our bodies and watch the breeze blow our flowers to and fro. 

SO- in the most eager sense... BRING ON SPRING! 

Photo is of one of our lovely brides and her SPRING WEDDING BOUQUET from 2017 <3